Committee of

Stephen Tang


El Presidente


The joys of gaming:

A never-ending journey

The wind blows softly

Sam Dooley


Vice President


Some thought that he wouldn't be back. Many thought he had gone back into the TV, to hang out with Teddie until the end of time.

But no! Sam Dooley has arisen once more to inflict himself upon the Society, and spread his message of indie game fandom and Persona 4 anything. Tremble as he throws his sword on the ground in Nidhogg. Despair as he whiffs his stuns in Dota and League! Behold his Giant Bomb references which no one gets!

Sam's interests include: Squirtle, Reading, Divekicking, Long Walks on the Virtual Beach, Tales of Games Presents Chef Boyardee's Barkley: Shut up and Jam: Gaiden - Chapter 1 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa, Persona 4 Anything, and Indie Games. 

He tries to be friendly, and likes just about any game, including the weirder ones out there. Sam is a Water Type.

Nicholas Brown




A video game addict since the age of four thanks to masterpieces such as Spy Fox and Pajama Sam, Nicholas' tastes in games were forcibly expanded once the zoo in Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo was closed down because he spent way too much time playing ice hockey.

Now open to playing almost any game, he does harbour a soft spot for RPGs, the length of which he simultaneously loves and hates about them. One day he hopes to complete a tenth of those he has started.

Outside of this, one can often find him hoarding health potions in anticipation of a zombie invasion.

Gaby Lax




Perky, enthusiastic and burning with FIGHTING SPIRIT, Gaby is the latest in an ancient bloodline of arts students. Having travelled far from home to fulfil her family's twin destinies of battle and a social science major, she quickly settled in and became a fixture at SEE meets.

Although currently in training to become a fighting game master, she's most at home curled up with a (J)RPG, both of which are supposedly part of a regimen to prepare for the day when the fate of the world rests in her hands for real.

She can usually be found in Union House puzzling out the latest chapter of her novel or enjoying a nice, calming round of Bananagrams.

Ariel Goh


Publicity Officer


When GLaDOS told Ariel to euthanize her companion cube, she euthanized herself instead.



IT Officer


Between games of CSGO and Supreme Commander, Deags wonders why people don't play UT anymore. Also prone to the occasional racing game.

Joshua Tinner


Tournament Officer

Affectionately known as 'pink shirt guy', the surprisingly heterosexual Josh is very much into video games and spending money on them. Casually justifying spending in excess of $350 on a game yet to be released (Star Citizen) by "It looks cool" and "This is nothing compared to what I've spent on LoL" it is no wonder that he did not run for treasurer. 

Being elected to the position of Tournament Officer by virtue of his now famous pink shirt, Josh actually loves the challenge of coming up with exciting tournaments with great prizes and getting people to turn up on time.

Seriously people, get organised.

Looking to the future, Josh hopes to change the world with the knowledge gained through his Arts degree majors in History and Philosophy...

Jackson Drew


Tagging & Testing Officer


After regularly attending SEE meets during his first year of uni, Jackson found himself eager to contribute to the club; he wanted to help maintain what the club was to him: a community, a place to congregate, and the birthplace of many friendships. Now that he is on committee, he finds himself even more eager to meet and greet newcomers to the club!

From the comforts of the Eastern suburbs he comes, 3DS in one hand and terrible puns in the other. More often than not you will find him congregating around his natural habitats - nestled up against the Wii perhaps, or maybe you'll see him with his eyes fixated on another Atlus RPG. If you're unlucky (or maybe fortunate?) you'll instead encounter him with fingers frantically attempting to assemble words in Bananagrams (and shouting horrible profanities in the process)!

Dennis Wang


Sacrificial Yoshi


FD, The D, The Wang, DenDen, DenDenBabes, Dennis-Kun, Dennis Wang, Mahatma Gandhi. Dennis has been known by many names.

But what he's most known for is for his bad puns, inordinate amount of singing, stunning good looks, and enthusiasm for gaming and pop culture.

A regular visitor to the Koprulu sector, Tamriel, Halo Installations and whatever Countries CoD is in, Dennis is a fan of MtG and paper RPG's. He also enjoys long walks on the beach, holding hands in the moonlight, and romantic comedis starring Sandra Bullock.

Alexander Caspaniel D'Yoshi