Committee of

Jacqueline Lu


El Presidente


LOOK OUT AND LOOK UP CAUSE THE COOKEST GOOSE SINCE SWAN LAKE IS MAKING HER DESCENT FROM THE GREATEST HIGH SINCE FELIX BAUMGARTER - JACQUELINE “Faker get on my level” LU! After achieving the supreme score of 420 on Flappy Bird, this MLG superstar has blazed into the SEE presidency with high scores better than Darude’s live performances. When she’s not poppin’ pingers and being generally 2 blazed 2 b phazed, Jacq-pill-lin can be found frying noobs in League of Legends and cosplaying as cooked versions of various video game characters. If you ever need someone to shelve a few mitzies with and have a solid rave, Jacqueline is your girl. As long as it’s 4:20 of course.

Jackson Drew


Vice President


He hath ascended! From his lowly position he rises to the executive, ready to rain supreme as the shadow president... Or not. He may or may not be referring to himself in the third person right now. He's a pretty chill guy who just wants to make your experience in SEE a comfortable,. If you need something or want to know about upcoming things - ask! It's his job so he may as well do it the best he can!

You'll usually find him milling about the Wii U for some casual (yet still heated) games of Smash 4 or Mario Kart 8. He admits that his babies are Nintendo and Atlus, but he plays a lot of other things too, he swears!

Brendan Tam




He who cooks the books.

John Dewis



Press E to call for medic!

Born and raised in the wild, unforgiving jungles of Hobart, Tasmania, John peruses his never-ending quest to play videogames and also learn stuff at uni probably.

He remembers being utterly captivated by the amazingly realistic 8-bit pixels and alien sounds that the game boy had to offer as a small (relatively speaking) child, and hasn't looked back since!

A diehard Nintendo tragic, his favourite genres tend to be platformers and rhythm games, but he'll basically play anything not nailed down that isn't WoW or ducktales. Other key interests include: TF2, Pokemon, Archery, Hats, Creating sandwiches out of whatever he can find and deeply regretting it afterwards, hats, Picking Ryu in smash 4 just to yell out SHORYUKEN, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, unusual Hats, Beeching on long walks, most Ghost Type Pokemon, Essendon, Hats, Hats and Terraria.

Ariel Goh


Publicity Officer


When GLaDOS told Ariel to euthanize her companion cube, she euthanized herself instead.

Nicholas Brown


IT Officer


You thought he was out for the count, but then he revealed his FINAL FORM! Nicholas is back again for another year with SEE!

Joshua Tinner


Tournament Officer

Affectionately known as 'pink shirt guy', the surprisingly heterosexual Josh is very much into video games and spending money on them. Casually justifying spending in excess of $350 on a game yet to be released (Star Citizen) by "It looks cool" and "This is nothing compared to what I've spent on LoL" it is no wonder that he did not run for treasurer. 

Being elected to the position of Tournament Officer by virtue of his now famous pink shirt, Josh actually loves the challenge of coming up with exciting tournaments with great prizes and getting people to turn up on time.

Seriously people, get organised.

Looking to the future, Josh hopes to change the world with the knowledge gained through his Arts degree majors in History and Philosophy...

Mesut Latifoglu


Tagging & Testing Officer


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH is what you would say if you were me and winning at Smash Bros. 1v1 me anytime you’ll get rekt , name your game Sm4sh, PM, Melee, SSB64…ᵇʳᵃʷᶫ. But life isn’t always about smash it’s also about sleeping eating and breathing. Anyways, Mesut, who goes by Mess and Fluto is a cool dude who randomly speaks in the third person, and has split personalities, ʷᵉ'ʳᵉ ʸᵒᵘ ᵗᵃᶫᵏᶦᶰᵍ ᵃᵇᵒᵘᵗ ᵐᵉ﹖ No Mess#626! Go back to your Cavern! Woah, sorry that happens sometimes aaanyways… If you want to talk about video games such as Kingdom Hearts or MGS, or consoles like the PS4 or WUU I’ll be around, somewhere, probably online. Anyways to SPACE I GOOOOO! WEEEEeeeeeeᵉᵉᵉᵉᵉᵉᵉᵉ``````````

Daniel Francis


Sacrificial Yoshi

Alexander Caspaniel D'Yoshi