Committee of

Andy Quan


El Presidente


Sure I might be a random asian kid, but no-one will match the inverse relation between my WAM and the hours I have spent playing video games. League of legends? Dota? Esports? Burning desire to see OCE become a great competitive region in video games? Horrible personality? Uniting all gamers at Unimelb? That's my job.

Macarena Lione


Vice President


Hey everyone! I’m Macarena and I love anything Nintendo-related! My favourites are the Legend of Zelda series, the Pokémon series, and the Smash Bros. series but I also just love playing videogames in general. In case you were wondering, my favourite Pokémon are Gardevoir and Lucario (I’m pretty sure you asked :P) so hopefully Lily will let me share the love of Lucario too!

I’ll do my best as your Vice-President to provide the best gaming experiences as possible for everyone and I’m open to suggestions on how to make them better! If you want to chat about anything (particularly about lore in the Zelda universe or new strategies in Pokémon battling), then please do, I’d love to meet you and have a nice chat!

Your Vice-President, Macarena

Mesut Latifoglu




Fallen from his regal lofty throne, Mess struggled to regain his composure as depicted in the image provided. All his split personalities Mess#0001 through to Mess#1024 fought in a glorious fight to gain full control of his body. Once the battle had stopped, no one possessed his body and thus Mess remained in slumber for many thousands of years. The battle recoiled through history as a lesson to all, however a new war began, a war of beliefs. Two factions were formed Darkness and Light. Some believe darkness is the true key to access the body and some light.

Cut to 12 years ago three warriors of light set across the cosmos to fight an imbalance of darkness that slowly began to consume the land. Throughout their journey, they travelled to many worlds learning more about the darkness and the pain it brings to all surrounding. It was discovered that the leader of darkness was spreading a blanket of twilight across the land. One of the warriors was slowly manipulated by the leader and became darkness itself. Another was sacrificed to protect the realm of light and finally the last warrior, whilst saving her friends and fell… to the realm of Darkness.

Ten years pass... Two friends were chilling on a beach of new arrivals what they stumbled upon changed their lives forever. One friend was granted a sword of light whilst the other a sword of darkness. They fought against each other but as it turned out this was part of the original leader of darkness's plan as he believes the fight between two pure beings of light and darkness will unlock access to Mess's body. However, the friend of darkness was not manipulated at the very last moment and sought to deny access to unlock the body and set back the dark monarch.

Another year passes, a new threat has arrived. The leader of darkness has commenced his second plot to consume the universe with an organisation that strived to have 13 members of dark. Long story short boy of light saves the day waiting for his next mission.

It’s now 2017, what will happen to the original trio of warriors, will the leader of darkness strike back? Will Mess ever wake up?

All will be revealed in Kingdom Hearts III

Jason Archer




I am Jason, Nintendo aficionado, trivia fan, and your Secretary. I play a lot of Smash 4; you can usually find me at SEE meetings around the Wii U terrorising everyone (or at least trying to) as Ness. My favourite series is Metroid*, and I also love pretty wide range of games, like Mario Kart, Pokémon, Burnout, Portal and the Layton series.

Outside of games, I love playing tennis and, just to add to my nerd credentials, I study a Masters in Maths and Stats. I also love to chat, so feel free to come and talk to me at meetings about anything gaming.


*Don’t mention Other M...

Lily Tang


Publicity Officer


If you're reading this description, you probably just saw a photo of the craziest and strangest person you're ever going to meet. That aside, I'm basically the comic relief character - one that plays jokes on people and makes a laugh from every possible situation. Hobbies include trolling people, making unnecessary puns with terrible timing, and acting stupid on a daily basis.

On another note, I'm pretty immersed in a variety of games; most notably Pokemon. I enjoy watching anime, Asian dramas, drawing, and playing basketball. Oh, and just for reference, I've officially claimed Lucario. Hands off. In other words, gimme a shout if you need anything!


Grace Mahoney


IT Officer


I’m a console gamer who doesn't understand computers, which makes me hilariously unqualified to be the IT Officer. Talk to me about Saints Row, Saints Row and/or Saints Row. Other interests include hair dye, beer, dogs, and the song “Hey Ya!” by Outkast.

Afif Al-Islami

Supreme Knight 3

eSports Officer


こんばんは, it is I, Afif or as many of you know by now as, FIFA backwards. As you can tell by now I am a very definite weeb of sorts. And also play and watch a f**k ton of video games (gotta keep it PG-13 here). I am your other Esports officer, cause you know there's two now *mind blown*. My Esports reptoire involves League of Legends and Overwatch, I also dabbled a bit in Smite as well. (へえ) I consider watching Professional LoL a hobby, while playing Overwatch as a stress-relief. In terms of my other video games, I love the Assassin's Creed franchise, with Black Flag being my favourite with Brotherhood a close second. I also just enjoy playing RPG's and free-roaming games.

For me, I'm usually a loud and funny kinda guy. I love memes and love laughing to memes, but leave the meme making to our Yoshi. (Shoutout to Louis!). As you've noticed I'm also a big fan of the anime or アニメ.(すばらしい) Thus I am also a member of AMC or the Anime and Manga Club. (Betrayal!?) I am also a member of TGS, or the Tabletop Gaming Society (Another one!? How deep does this betrayal go!?). With these two clubs I'm just trying to maximize my "UniMelb Fun Experiences." Also to end this little description of mine, I would like to say that I'm on a path of redemption and I intend to make SEE and its Esports as best as it can possible be as they are the things I need to accomplish for my redemption.

Saya sangat cinta klub ini!
Your other Esports Officer.

NaThan Shinn


eSports Officer


Hi i''m nathan 'pandajuice' shinn, your local esports officer. I believe that Lyfe is just a Game.i'm an Ex Pro player in league of legends. I am also an Overwatch/Csgo/hearthstone fanatic. GLHF and rekt some ass!

Ramanpreet Singh Manchanda


Tagging & Testing Officer


Yo! I’m Raman. ra-MAN. I’m the MAN. Although it can also be pronounced as Ramen like ramen noodles. Or if you’re like my 4th grade history teacher then Roman is fine too. If you’re like my Year 11 Spanish teacher then it’s Ramon, use the right accent it’ll sound sexy. I enjoy fighting and racing games. You’ll mostly see me playing Tekken. Other interests include food, drink, and sleep. Feel free to talk to me especially if you need a second player to play with.

Louis Baudinette


Sacrificial Yoshi


G'day, I'm Louis.

I waste all my time going through the Ratchet and Clank games frame by frame and trying to do theoretically 'perfect' inputs, also known as Tool-Assisted Speedrunning, and play far too much smash bros for my own good. If you know what a gILJ or a Wavedash is, you'll understand. I stream the quality 0.5 fps TAS stuff on Twitch and upload the finished products to youtube, shameless plugs.

I also have a begrudging relationship with League of Legends and Overwatch, which has settled somewhere between interest and apathy for the moment. Other interests include yoyos (iYoYo Steel, Kreygasm), listen to a lot of music and read anything interesting that I can get my hands on.

If you ever need someone to string up like the filthy Teemo main he is, body you in Crash Team Racing, try to body you in Smash, or rant about frame timings and desyncs, I'm your guy.

Alexander Caspaniel D'Yoshi




I shall have my revenge. For decades, my people have been trampled and abandoned, used only as stepping stones for the victors and protagonists that are all so venerated. While we were all left to fall, hidden in darkness, doomed to forever see the fading light as our hopes dashed away like the beloved heroes who left us. We were promised our fair share, but were given none and instead were cast down into the pits.

Well no more! I, Alexander Caspaniel D’Yoshi, shall avenge our people! I, one of the few who clung on to hope and willed myself back to the world, will enact revenge for my people who were forsaken when the goal was so close at hand. Those “heroes” will feel our wrath, and once shall we leap to victory and equality, and raise our names higher than the moon and stars, beyond even the sun!


I have banded with a group willing to assist in my cause. They call themselves, The Society of Electronic Entertainment, and they found me desolate and alone as I agonised beneath the heat. They took care and brought me back as one of their own, even so far as giving me a pedestal and recognising my true name and worth. This group, the ones that share kin with those, “heroes”, shall be my army, as I tear the world apart! I shall watch as they fight each other, not only to befit my purposes, but to also send them against each other!


The Yoshi-race shall rise again, and reign supreme!

Alexander Caspaniel D'Yoshi